HCL Volunteers show a sustainable way forward for the community of Madanpur Khadar slum

1 Oct 2013

HCL Volunteers show a sustainable way forward for the community of Madanpur Khadar slum

HCLites from the DSG team, with the support of HCLT Foundation, CSC volunteers and CASP Delhi, have been actively involved in the development of the resettlement community of Madanpur Khadar slum in Delhi. From the month of June onwards, DSG volunteers have been doing a number of programs which fall under the broad tenets of community development, community giving and advocacy, to support and strengthen the economically and socially weaker citizens.

 Education: With a focus on providing holistic education for the children, a number of interactive teaching methodologies have been adopted by the volunteers in addition to teaching regular school subjects. Through ‘Know Your Computer’ sessions, volunteers helped the children understand the hardware of computers, computation logic and the functions of memory, and instilled an interest for computers in the minds of the children.

Creative Development: Sessions were held to bring out the innate creative talent of the children. For example, in one of the sessions, the children were engaged in the ideation, development and  presentation of comics.

Life Skill Training:  HCL intern Ruchika Dhingra and mentors from CASP conducted a series of life-skills training and workshops to the children of various age groups to make them aware of the various skills and behaviour required as they make their transition from childhood to adolescence.  The workshops were aimed at bringing a positive change in their attitude.

Interaction with children of Tihar Jail inmates: At present, CASP is supporting the families of 118 prisoners lodged in the Tihar Jail to empower and enable them to live in a sustainable manner. Once a month, the NGO organizes an event for the children to provide nutrition support, open bank accounts, distribute stationery, etc. HCL volunteers got an opportunity to interact with such children at the CASP Center in Madanpur Khadar.

The main idea behind this interaction was to know the challenges faced by the children in society, to identify bright students from Class 1 to college-goers and to help CASP identify areas for improvements. It was a first-of-its kind experience for the volunteers to meet the children who came from a difficult background. Around 30 children were present during the session which had activities in building self-confidence and team spirit.  The session concluded with the volunteers meeting the parents of some of the children.

Empowering Marginalized Women: Marginalized women form a large chunk of HCLT Foundation’s  target beneficiaries. DSG volunteers have been conducting a number of training programs for the women of Madanpur Khadar. A training in the basics of computer application and internet was facilitated for women who are undergoing skill-based training like stitching and beautician courses. A number of sessions on personal development were held, benefiting over 40 women. Volunteers shared stories of successful women leaders across the world, gave exercises to help them understand the importance of learning and skill development, goal setting exercises to enable them understand their immediate, short term and long term goals, and effective communication skills and team building, over a series of training sessions.

Sarvesh Kumar:

 “It was a great experience to volunteer for the Madanpur Khadar community. I taught computer classes to the less privileged kids. It was like showing a new world of opportunities to the kids and they expressed great enthusiasm while exploring this new world. Looking at their smiling faces made me feel as if I have achieved something unachievable. hanks to CSC for the wonderful experience.”

 Sparshi Banerjee

 “I visited the slum for the first time in my life and it gave me immense pleasure to help the people there. I taught the children computers and drawing classes. Initially I wasn’t sure of teaching them but very soon I realized that I was simply polishing the diamonds as the kids are smart and intelligent enough to grab concepts quickly. All they need was a platform. ooking for more such opportunities in future.”

Sukhpreet Kaur

 “It was a pleasure to start each weekend amidst the innocent and smiling faces of the children. Their willingness, enthusiasm and courage to learn has inspired me to take that extra effort to enhance my own learning. Spending time with these children has given me immense satisfaction and a lot of happy moments. We also enjoyed sharing our experiences and views with the women during interactive sessions.”

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