Kinshuk – Noida

13 Jun 2013

Kinshuk – Noida

1. What it takes to a CSC (catalyst for social change)?

I feel it takes nothing to be a catalyst for social change. As being part of the society it is the responsibility of each of us to give something back what we earn from the society. This is the law of nature, under influence of it I realize I have taken lot of things from the society to prosper my life and for this honestly I expect from myself to give my best efforts when it comes to return that favor back,

I’ll always try to help the people in society who feel that I can help them out to achieve their goals in life.. either it may be a class session or a onetime meal or whatever.

2. What has been your contribution?

If I am asked to mention something that I have contributed to be CSC is few moments of my life which became most fortunate ones.

Being a part of CSC we all have contributed our best efforts to bring smiles, hopes and yes sometimes concrete outcomes which touched some of the lives and also have become memorable mileposts of our lives.

3. How has HCLT foundation & HCL as a company supported you?

I am greatly thankful to HCL Tech. and HCLT foundation for being a frontier to put my passion to work for society, in an appearance. To meet the goals of CSC team, HCL has provided all support which has actually turned our efforts in wholesome outcome for society.

4. Share a community dream that you want people to advocate and be part of?

I dream a community where everybody is aware of the self-worth and caliber he or she possess.

In my view the most important asset of this word is human power. I wish this could be utilized in optimum way to make this world more affluent and happier.

5. Your message to fellow HCLites?

My message to my friends in HCL is to believe yourself, be kind and helpful. Always try to lit the same spirit in the person next to you, to be a true catalyst.

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